Digital Menu Board

Digital menu boards for restaurants custom-tailored to your exact specifications. We work to get your restaurant’s TV menu looking professional.

High-quality menu designs make a huge impression when the customer first walks into your restaurant. 

No Templates, all of our TV menu designs are yours to keep forever. 

Digital Menu Boards For Your Business

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Digital Menu Boards For Your Business

All TV designs are uniquely crafted and used in real restaurants! No cookie cutter templates. Source files are yours to keep forever.

Best TV Menu For Restaurants

The best digital TV menu for your restaurant depends on your budget and preference and the type of restaurant you are running. Digital TV menus are made using digital signage software or with simple tools like Microsoft Powerpoint or Adobe design software. There is no doubt that high-definition restaurant TV menus/ digital menu boards make a great first impression. They are also probably less expensive and easier to update than traditional printed signage.

Large restaurant chains like McDonald’s can benefit from digital menu board software that can easily be updated across all restaurants and come with customizable pre-made templates. Pricing for digital signage varies and starts at about $20/month. Digital signage software is essential if you are constantly looking to update your menu and pricing and want to do this yourself easily without the help of a designer. Digital signage may also be animated or shown as a slide show. There are three types of routes you can go with digital TV menus and digital signage for your restaurant. 

Best Menu Design For Restaurants

Multiple Menus With Conditions

Create any number of menus segmented by store locations and a variety of conditions such as order types, dates and times. E.g. create a lunch menu, pickup menu or pre-order only menu.

Advanced Dish Customization

Create a variety of customizable options for each dish. E.g. meat types, optional sauces, pizza toppings, build your own dishes and more.

Combo Dishes & Meals

Create dishes that require customers to select a combination of dishes. This can be used to create combos and meals such as choose 3 pizzas and a drink.

Fixed or Variable Combo Pricing

Set a fixed price for a combo dish or add variable dish prices based on the price of the different items that make up the combo.

Dish Statuses

Flag dishes as out of stock or not available for ordering on a per location basis. You can also hide dishes from your menu.

Dish Tags

Create fully customizable dish tags with a unique color and icon to represent things such as gluten free, vegan, spicy, etc.