QR Codes For Restaurants

QR codes for restaurants are a marketing tool to help you drive traffic to your website, enable customers to view or order from your menu and bring more attention to your business. 

There are many ways to use QR codes for restaurants without paying a single dime! With the exception of actually printing QR code marketing for restaurants is free

QR Codes For Your Restaurant

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Display Your QR Codes On The Door

What better place to stick a QR code than right on the door so that all the customers who come to your restaurant can see them. Place your most important messages here along with a QR code to your website, online ordering menu or even just a PDF menu. 

For QR codes, make sure that the links go to a landing page that is optimized for mobile. Most of the time PDFs are very large, load slowly and are not mobile-friendly. If the user has to use their fingers to zoom in and out of the page then that is not a great user experience.

QR Codes For Restaurants As A Sticker For The Window

Maybe you want passers-by to scan a QR code to see your menu. This could work well if you are in an area with lots of foot traffic like downtown or at a shopping mall. Make your QR code at the window pop and stand out to grab the user’s attention. 

QR Codes For Restaurants On Table Tops For Dine-IN

Place the QR Codes on your dine-in tables using a table stand. You can get some plastic table stands at Amazon in bulk and then insert your QR Codes inside them. When customers scan, they can either see your menu or even order directly with your table number for a fully contactless experience.  

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