Point Of Sale (POS)

All user types were taken into account when designing the POS features; including customers,
front-line employees, managers, owners, and multi-venue operators.

Experience World-Class Features With Our POS

We offer all the features you might anticipate from a cutting-edge POS system, and more, by utilizing technical and creative brilliance. There is no system on the market that can compare to its features and usability.

Our commitment to continuous improvement means that new features and improved system performance will be rolled out to our customers on a regular basis.

Online Ordering Made Easy

Customers are now opting for delivery and takeaway options more than ever. With West Cost Technik, you can now set up a seamless delivery experience for your customers and your staff.

Integration with Popular Food Delivery Companies

Take advantage of the growing popularity of food delivery companies, and integrate your service with companies like UberEats, Grubhub, Zomato, and more.

Caller ID System for Great Customer Experience

Delivery and takeaway are not just about fulfilling orders. It is also about building a great customer experience. With our caller ID facility, you can store customer information like name, phone number, address, favourite orders, dietary requirements, and more. Build your brand reputation and expand your customer base.

Personalization Across the Board


Custom Menus

Create the menus you want, add photos, and update the menu at any point in time.

Features include themes, sub-menus, order modifications, festive customization, and more.


Custom Reports

Reports and data analytics can help you run your restaurant even better.

We provide reports about inventory, sales, cost, staff shifts, and more. Customize it to suit your business.


Custom Payments

Digital payments are needed to meet customer requirements.

Our POS can be integrated with multiple payment options as needed.

More Features...

Full Service Management for Modern Restaurants

Busy restaurants need technical support to ensure seamless orders, kitchen management, and final service. With the West Coast Technik license, you can manage your full service restaurant efficiently. We have specialized options for:

Table Service

Make the customer journey seamless. From ordering, communicating with the kitchen, final service, to bill payments, we have the solution. Everything you need is on the screen. Added features include multiple language options, a customizable interface, and special order requests.

Counter Service

We also have solutions for counter service functionalities. This includes customer display systems, self-service kiosks, and more. Deliver orders without any errors and let your staff work calmly and efficiently.

Drive Thru

If you already have a drive thru option or are looking to establish it, you can make it better with West Coast Technik. We have order management features specifically for drive thru service so that you can deliver the correct order to the customers. You can have multi-lane options, and self-service kiosks to streamline the process.

Integration with Other Applications

Integrate other software that you use with SambaPOS to access everything in one place. With these applications, you can manage orders, pricing, inventory, and other vendor management with no hassles.

Performance Analysis

Monitor your tables, staff efficiency, kitchen time, service speed, billing counters, and more. Find out what needs improvement and what can be scaled to serve your customers better.

Advanced Reporting System

With a 360-degree, real-time dashboard, you can get reports for all business processes. Inventory, payments, cashier system, periodical checks, sales, and product management, can all be done as per your needs.

Optimal Restaurant Layout

Arrange your tables to maximize staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. View the layouts and test changes on our platform before making the final decision.

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