Website Maintenance

We provide website maintenance and hosting for your restaurant or local business. Unlike pure website hosting, we ensure your site is safe, secure and up to date. We ensure your site is SEO optimized and mobile-friendly and that your plugins are up to date and your website is safely backed up on the cloud every day. 

We provide basic website maintenance services with all of our online ordering plans. If you are a restaurant that needs a website only, we provide hosting and website maintenance for as little as $15/month.

Premium Packages Start At $600/month & Include

Standard Package


Per Month

Paid Yearly

Plus Package


Per Month

Save 15% when paid yearly

Premium Plan


Per Month

Premium website maintenance with full SEO

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

Asking how much it costs to maintain or host a website is a question that can lead to a full range of prices and answers. In short, it depends on your type of website, your industry and your goals and the traffic to your website. It also depends on what platform you build your website on. For some businesses, a website is a checklist item to do once by setting up with Go Daddy and never worry about again. For other businesses, they have a team of full-time developers. 

Doing it yourself is going to be the cheapest option. There are hosting plans, such as Go Daddy, that start at about $8/month for WordPress hosting. However, you will still need to build the website using a page builder or hire a web developer. If you are running an e-commerce website then your hosting fees are likely to be much higher as well. If you are a business than you will likely need to maintain the website yourself from time to time or hire someone to do that. 

These are some very big ranges, and that is because it depends largely on the services that your website needs. This table of estimates was taken from  WebFX, a digital marketing conglomerate and modified to include our experience and estimates. Note there estimates are also in USD. 

Get A Quote For Website Maintenance

Get a quote from The West Coast Technik. For a limited time get free basic website maintenance as part of your online ordering plan. We are 100% Canadian-based and support hundreds of restaurants and local businesses near you.  All of our website maintenance packages come with SSL, hosting and local support as well as access to a range of industry-leading plugins such as Elementor Pro and Math Rank.